Public Relations

Schuttelaar & Partners helps organizations to develop a good relationship with their external audience. Public Relations (PR) can be used to gain more attention for certain topics or to expand your network.

Our team is composed of passionate consultants and journalists who know how to approach the press at national and European level. And most importantly: we know how PR 2.0 works. We understand the interplay between offline and online media and engage targeted influencers such as bloggers and vloggers. 

Case: Smoke-free start 

Still more than 8% of the women in the Netherlands smoke during pregnancy. Healthcare professionals play an important role in motivating pregnant women to stop smoking.

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports, Schuttelaar & Partners supports these professionals in their communication. Within this project, we build on public relations by using social media and by publishing articles in specialised journals.