We approach your issues from multiple angles and combine this with our expertise in working with leading organizations and knowledge of the sector.

In this way, we swiftly develop effective and executable strategies. These strategies can result directly in a widely supported initiative aimed at efficient agenda-setting and powerful communication. 

Whether it concerns addressing big societal issues, formulating the key messages of your start-up or securing future funding for your project, our experts know how to deliver strategies in a quick and effective manner.  

Case: Lygature

Lygature is a key player in setting up partnerships between universities, industry and public authorities to find innovative medical solutions. For instance with the European Lead Factory, a project in which companies provide researchers access to their chemical compound library. A first step in the costly and lengthy process of drug development.

But how do you involve all relevant stakeholders in such a complex project? Developing a strategic plan for communication is one of our assignments at Lygature.