Public Affairs

Truly sustainable innovation often threatens the status quo. It does not always fit the trends within existing policies and legislations.

Together with our clients, we work towards a better world by creating support for their solutions among decision makers at the European Union, on national and local levels.

Schuttelaar & Partners knows its way around Brussels, The Hague and other European capitals. We know where the interests lay and with whom to enter into dialogue.

Our aim is to foster mutual understanding and help our clients get a seat at the table, ensuring that no decisions are taken without their input. 

Case: EHA Awareness Campaign

The European Hematology Association (EHA) represents hematologists in Europe and promotes excellence in patient care, research and education in hematology.

Schuttelaar & Partners helped EHA raising political awareness about blood disorders and research needs in hematology and further professionalized EHA communications and public affairs activities.

Today, EHA is well known by European institutions as the leading voice for hematology.